The importance of training is also recognized by the institutions, through the creation of numerous funding programmes, in relation to which Augentes offers specific advice.


Continuous training: the program is based on the development of projects starting from the needs of companies interested in updating projects. Training courses financed through this channel are exclusively attended by company employees, or companies that jointly request the activity (in the case of intercompany projects, with a maximum limit of three companies).


Youth Guarantee (Garanzia Giovani): is an Italian regional management program for young people between the ages of 15 and 29, which offers opportunities for orientation, training and job placement through personalized courses, according to individual needs, involving companies and accredited operators to the regional system. In addition, the company that hires young people in this age group with fixed-term or permanent contracts benefits from job bonuses.


DUL (Dote Unica Lavoro): it is a tool to support the employment of people in difficulty in employment: young unemployed, unemployed up to 29 years, unemployed, workers benefiting from social safety nets. The program operates through the provision of guidance and support services to work and training, which can be activated by accredited operators for services at work (public or private).


Erasmus for young entrepreneurs: this European program helps aspiring European entrepreneurs to acquire the skills necessary to start and/or successfully manage a small business in Europe. The new entrepreneurs learn and exchange knowledge, business ideas, innovations with already established entrepreneurs, from which they are hosted and with whom they collaborate for a period ranging from one to six months (the stay is co-funded by the European Commission).


Leonardo: the program allows you to carry out an experience of training and work abroad for a period of a few weeks, so as to temporarily enter the working reality of another country and enrich their professional skills. The main objective of Leonardo is the promotion of youth participation in the European market.