Professional training

Augentes, also thanks to the structure of the group in which it fits, is highly specialized in the field of training and education, the true pillars of growth and development.

Collaborating with educational centers and specialized schools around the world, Augentes develops international projects for the training of students and teachers, attested by specific quality certifications.

Each didactic module is personalized and studied with interventions designed for the real needs of the interlocutor, declining each action with different methodologies. Augentes designs and creates lectures organized in special classrooms, distance learning through videoconferencing, e-learning solutions. Especially in these last two cases, it is possible to expand the number of recipients of teaching activities and to carry out continuous training even in those companies that have several offices spread throughout the territory.

Augentes, in addition, using highly qualified teaching staff with proven experience, provides companies with training materials and materials, including specific technological tools, software and programs that encourage interactivity and the relationship between employees and teachers even remotely.