New skills for development

Those who grow up. Those who promote growth. This is the meaning of the Latin verb “augeo” and this, in summary, is the main goal of Augentes. Growth is first of all the human one, of the individual and only on it can rest social, environmental and economic development, through the promotion of skills and abilities for the future.
The suggestion of Erasmo da Rotterdam, stylized in the logo, suggests the passion for invention and cultural promotion that was the base and to which Augentes tends.
Augentes is a leading company in the promotion of research and development, specialized in the management of projects at the international level, with particular attention to the management, communication, dissemination and exploitation of innovative projects. Augentes is the bridge between Start-ups, SMEs, Research Centers, Universities and Institutions. Through European and international funds, Augentes will support its partners for the realization of valuable projects on an international scale.
The activities of Augentes range from the idea, to the elaboration, to the final realization of the project, with particular attention to the correct use and correct protection of the expected results. Augentes aims to support its partners during the creation of an idea, the writing of a project proposal and its implementation, through the experience of a professional team and an international network, specialized in:

  • Project Management;
  • Communication;
  • Dissemination;
  • Exploitation of Results (Data Management & IPR Management)

The mission of Augentes is to support Research and Innovation through the creation of European and international projects in order to promote sustainable growth in the involved countries. In order to realize and implement these objectives, Augentes operates in three complementary sectors:

  • European calls (H2020, Life, INTERREG, ENI, COSME, Erasmus +, Creative Europe);
  • International Turnkey Projects, funded by Donors such as World Bank, United Nations, European Commission, African Development Bank;
  • High formation (preparation of professional figures in industry 4.0 such as: Project manager, Energy manager, CDO).

The sectors in which Augentes operates are:

  • ICT;
  • Industry 4.0;
  • Energy;
  • Digital Security;
  • Water reuse;
  • Environment & Climate action;

Augentes operates in compliance with the European Union’s 2020 strategy in order to implement projects in line with the Circular economy, Green economy and Blue economy for the sustainable growth of Smart Cities.