The European-project management division of Augentes provides a wide range of services, made available by a consolidated and constantly updated expertise with respect to the changing dynamics of the economy, society and the binding rules. Augentes offers:

  • Management of the proposal and of the project;
  • dissemination activities;
  • communication;
  • exploitation and Intellectual Property Law;
  • ICT (e-learning platforms);
  • other consultancy services.

Augentes provides support and management of the entire project-design process, to obtain European funding. Assists the coordination of the consortium (or grouping of subjects) that presents the request for funding and the project idea itself, in the phase of drafting and drafting the proposal, up to the actual implementation of the project.

The Augentes team is particularly qualified in the dissemination and communication activity of the project, which can be conducted with different tools, either offline, or traditional (posters, roll-ups, brochures, leaflet) and with technological and innovative means, mainly online, such as e-learning and interactive platforms that also use gamification and simulation solutions. In order to involve civil society as much as possible, in addition, Augentes organizes workshops and living labs dedicated to projects. Finally, the dissemination can also include: the construction of a website dedicated to the project, the organization of events and the dissemination of publications.

Augentes provides support in the management of the project activity of exploitation, that is the direct exploitation of results through the development of business models of advanced technologies, market analysis and complete business plan. In this phase, the IPR (Intellectual Property Rights), the protection of intellectual property rights, is also of particular importance both in the design phase (protection that is expressed through suitable documentation, such as Non Disclosure Agreement, Memorandum of Understanding), both in the post phase design, in reference above all to the main results of the project itself through contracts for the protection of intellectual property.